Picnic Catering DC

Changing the way we enjoy our food and the outdoors.

A picnic is usually associated with a blanket on the ground, homemade meals carried inside a picnic basket, the soft breeze, and the shade of a large tree in the park. While that is the image of a traditional picnic with a small group of people, the picnic catering Washington DC is becoming a popular option for parties and celebrations.

Picnic Catering DC

Planning The Picnic

Hosting a picnic with friends and family is just like throwing a party. The main difference is that the party will be held outdoors and the menu for the day isn’t overly complicated. Before anything else make sure your guests have sent in their RSVP so you know the exact number of attendees coming to the picnic.

Find a spot outdoors that has a nice shade, renting a tent is also a great idea so that no one has to sit under the sun during lunch time. Also, check the weather days before the party to ensure rain and wind won’t bother you and your guests during the picnic.

The Perfect Picnic Menu

The team here at Saint Germain Catering is excited to announce that we do more than just corporate and wedding catering services. We now offer an excellent menu for picnic catering Washington DC. As with any outdoor dining experience, it is best to select delightful and easy to eat food such as finger sandwiches along with a deli and cheese plate.

Book your tasting session with us and get to sample all our picnic catering items. Mix and match different food and drinks to create your very own customized picnic that will have everyone raving about for the entire year.

Let Go Of Formalities

The best thing about dining outside and enjoying the fresh air during a catered picnic lunch is the casual and friendly ambiance. While it is perfectly acceptable to provide plates and cutlery, don’t expect guests to sit through several courses. Picnics are all about mingling, the best way to set up the food is to have an open buffet where everyone can fill and refill their plates at their convenience.

Keep The Drinks Flowing

At Saint Germain Catering, we also offer clients a chance to include a beverage package for their catered picnic. Keep the drinks flowing throughout the gathering because everyone needs a thirst quencher when they’re under the sun. Refreshing drinks like fresh juices, champagne, and ice cold water can be included as part of the package. Don’t hesitate to ask us about the available beverage options.

A No Hassle Picnic

There’s no need to prepare everything from scratch yourself for a picnic with friends and family. A catered picnic ensures that you don’t just throw an amazing lunch, you will also enjoy every minute of it. No one will even blink twice when you serve up delicious catered meals prepared by the professional chefs at Saint Germain. In fact, your guests might even ask about the fantastic picnic spread and how to contact the best picnic catering DC company.

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