Catering Rockville MD

Working with a company that specializes in catering Rockville MD events requires a balance between assertiveness and respect. There are some experienced catering companies that prefer to work by themselves and take over the entire menu without consulting with you, their client. Some event planners prefer this relationship because this means one less factor to handle in the chaos of event planning, but not everyone is comfortable with taking a step back.

At Saint Germain Catering, we respect and appreciate all feedback from customers and are always open to hearing your thoughts and suggestions about our menu and services. Although we are receptive to what our customers have to say, there is a proper way to work with the best caterer in Maryland. Here’s how you can better communicate and work with us and other catering companies in the future:

Follow Up When Needed

Of course, catering companies will always entertain your business, but during peak season your event can fall through the cracks. If your caterer has failed to reply to your messages for over 48 hours it is well within reason for you to follow up with the company regarding your concerns.

Doing this can sometimes help you determine how well the catering company communicates with their clients and give you more than enough time to decide whether to continue with them as your caterer or not. Of course, it is also recommended to contact the caterer via different channels. Here at Saint Germain Catering, for example, we accommodate calls, emails, and online chat for your convenience.

Inform Caterer Of Any Allergies And Food Restrictions

The best caterer in Maryland will do their best to prepare delicious food using the best locally sourced ingredients possible. However, we also understand that some people have strict dietary restrictions according to their lifestyle or religion. Others also have severe allergies to common ingredients such as dairy and tree nuts. These are all necessary information that should be given to the catering company to ensure food safety.

The Importance Of Working Together

Successfully throwing a catered event relies on you as well as your chosen catering company. The line of communication should always be clear and open to avoid any mishaps before and during the party. Book Saint Germain Catering for all your catering Rockville MD needs long before the big day and our staff will help you plan the party of the year.

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