Using Event Catering Companies to Throw a Back-to-School Block Party

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It’s that time of year again! You made it through a summer full of sibling rivalry and long car trips, and now it’s time to shuttle the kids back to school. The best way to celebrate? A block party that lets you and your family frolic with the neighbors and spend that last bit of free time together before it’s all about math homework and PTA meetings. Whether you squeeze in your party before the first day of school or schedule it a few weeks later in honor of a successful reentry, bringing in one of your favorite local event catering companies is a surefire way to throw an unbelievable event. Get Everyone Involved The key to a phenomenal block party is teamwork. Form a committee, gather up funds (a few bucks from every family in the neighborhood will go a really long way), and assign everyone tasks. Having people volunteer to be in charge of games, food, drinks, seating/tent rentals and so on keeps any one individual from being overwhelmed and encourages widespread involvement. Establish a community Facebook group and post your event so neighbors can stay informed and coordinate their efforts. Emphasize Entertainment Focus on a variety of games and activities that are suitable for a range of ages. You might want to settle on a theme for the sake of cohesiveness: Back to the Beach, Rock the Block, Carnival/Circus, Hawaiian Luau, All-American BB, and Mardi Gras are just a few ideas that might work. Some entertainment-specific suggestions (consider your community guidelines, space restrictions, and neighborhood makeup before making any final decisions): Watermelon eating or seed-spitting contest Limbo Field games like a three-legged race or egg roll Karaoke A bounce house Two-liter soda bottle bowling Bobbing for apples A live band A photo booth (have the kids make props for everyone to use) Craft tables A bike parade with kids decorating their two- and three-wheelers like parade floats Movie night with a giant screen set up in the cul-de-sac Using an Event Catering Company to Beat Stress and Impress No block party is complete without an amazing array of delicious grub. It can be difficult to throw a party potluck-style as people inevitably back out last minute or bring repeats of similar dishes, and appetites are often left sadly dissatisfied. Contracting with a local company that specializes in off-site catering services delivers three key benefits: The food is practically guaranteed to be incredible, you won’t have to worry about coordinating menu details or fretting over food safety, and cleanup is already taken care of. Your biggest decision? What to eat! Ask whether your local catering service has any seasonal or monthly specials. Not only are you likely to score a deal, you’ll also get a menu that takes advantage of the very best seasonal ingredients. Eat around the world. A multicultural menu helps kids expand their palates and preps their intellectual side for whatever geography or social studies topics they may encounter during the upcoming school year. Go for the fun factor. Cold cut spreads, made-to-order paninis, a Chesapeake or All-American cookout, an ode to Southern specialties — all of these options are memorable and appeal to a variety of tastes. Don’t forget beverages and dessert. These small details can round out an event beautifully. Event catering companies are often used for corporate and other more formal events, but bringing in the experts can also turn an ordinary block party into a back-to-school bash your neighbors will be talking about well through winter break. Keep an open mind, enjoy the planning process, and prepare for a grade-A evening!