Throwing a Contemporary Baby Shower: Tips from Mina Ebrahimi

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If you’ve been to one baby shower, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been to them all. Eager to break out of the celebratory rut? Stretch your hosting wings and delight the parents-to-be by pairing the handiwork of a stellar caterer in Northern Virginia with some of these innovative baby shower ideas from Mina Ebrahimi. Plan Outside the Box In most cultures, a baby shower is traditionally a ladies-only event starring the mama-to-be and her cast of supporting characters. The menfolk are either set aside altogether (albeit temporarily, of course) or given their own less frilly get-together that often revolves around golf, a BBQ or some other dude-friendly activity. There’s nothing wrong with continuing that approach if it feels right for the expectant couple. But more and more people are exploring alternatives like co-ed showers, so-called “Baby-Qs” (outdoor cookouts where everyone’s invited), or a free-wheeling open house that provides a several-hour window in which well-wishers can drop by the host’s home for finger food and a few minute with the expectant couple. Have Fun with the Theme and Catering Ideas Classic themes like Noah’s Ark, Pirates/Princesses and Disney-related motifs will always be popular, but other more inventive ideas are beginning to gain popularity. Books: Encourage guests to bring a copy of their favorite children’s book instead of a card and match the catering options to book titles — honey cupcakes to Winnie the Pooh, a fruit salad for The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and so on. Destinations: Does the expectant mother love Paris? Did the couple get married in Aruba? Weaving a special locale into the shower theme can be truly memorable. Spa Bliss: Hire a beauty squad for on-location mani-pedis and serve spa-inspired items like infused water, antioxidant salads and a few dainty desserts for good measure. schedule tasting - catering SGC Explore Alternative Entertainment If you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member, it’s perfectly fine to ask the guest of honor what she prefers in terms of party entertainment. Games where guests guess at belly measurements or attempt to blind-taste baby food may be OK for some women, but others won’t feel comfortable with the attention or with ideas that could be perceived as outdated. Other options? Arts and crafts, like decorating wooden blocks for the baby or hand-painting onesies Lawn games such as horseshoes, giant Jenga or cornhole A baby version of The Price is Right centered around essential baby items like diapers, wipes, baby powder and formula A board with baby photos of all the guests — whoever guesses the most right wins! Don’t Forget to Hire the Best Caterers in Northern Virginia Rule number one for any baby shower: Don’t let Mama leave hungry! Growing a human is serious business, and between unexplainable cravings and almost nonstop hunger pains, pregnant women can pile away impressive amounts of food. Luckily, you can serve just about anything at a baby shower and come out looking like a superstar. Conspire with your caterers to build a menu from scratch or take their suggestions. Opt for a spread of light hors d’oeuvres, serve tea or brunch, offer up cookout classics or go all out with a three-course meal for an intimate group of close friends and family. A baby shower is a time for celebration, not stress. Let your imagination run free, don’t be afraid of inserting some clever and thoughtful touches whenever the mood strikes and give yourself a break — and a gold star for hosting — by hiring in the talents of an experienced caterer in Northern Virginia. What better way to welcome a precious new life into the world?