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Woman Warrior Legend

$23.24 /PP

Woman Warrior Legend
Choose 2 Entrees:
Harissa Crusted Chicken Breast (DF/GF)
Mongolian Marinated Beef (DF)
Mahi Mahi with Sauce Veracruz (DF/GF)
Vegetarian Pepper Pasta with crispy tofu, wilted kale, red bell peppers, and gruyere cheese (Vegetarian)
Vegan Loaded Sweet Potatoes (black beans, seitan, and scallions) (VEGAN)

Choose Two Sides:
Honey Glazed Acorn Squash (Vegan)
Farro Salad (Vegetarian)
Roasted Broccoli (Vegan) 
Creamy Coleslaw (Vegetarian)
Potatoes Au Gratin (GF)
Rice Pilaf (GF)

Comes with Shortbread Cookies, Chocolate Petit Fours, Apricot Thumb Cookies, Cranberry Cookies, and White Chocolate Eclairs.

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