Office Catering

An office party can be a great event. It can give you and your colleagues the opportunity to get to know one another, to have fun, and to form the kind of bonds that are necessary in business. You have been put in charge of the office party and you are aware of the great responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. The party must come off without a hitch. Your own reputation and career depend a lot on that.

You have reserved the space in which the party is to take place. You have also sent out the invitations. The only thing that is left is to arrange the food, and this may be the most important task of all. The food will make or break the party. The way that your colleagues respond to the spread you have put together will largely determine whether they enjoy the party.

It is for this reason that you should work with a catering professional. You should collaborate closely with a vendor that specializes in office catering. If you choose to do a buffet-style meal—and this is the least complicated option—then you must ensure that the food is what your work colleagues want. A selection of chicken, beef, pork, and fish should be made available; starches, vegetables, and bread should also be offered. You also want to offer the best wines, beer, and soft drinks for those who do not drink or who are acting as designated driver.

The food delivered by your caterer should be fresh. People can tell when food has been cooked from frozen or has been allowed to sit for too long before it was cooked. You should get a guarantee from your caterer that the food they serve is fresh.

You also want to get good desserts. If you are spending money on an office party, then you should do it right. The desserts should be freshly baked or made. Store-bought dessert is cheap, tacky, and unacceptable; and you should be sure to inform the caterer of this.

Many of your colleagues may be vegans. Given the prolific distribution of vegan recipes online, there is no excuse for any caterer not to offer them. Those among your guests who follow this dietary lifestyle should enjoy their food as much as non-vegans.

Not every caterer can provide this level of service. They do not all adhere to the same standards of service, quality, and value. The caterer you work with should have a record of delivering customer satisfaction. They should also be able to deliver the food and service you need for a good price. The company you work with should also supply a wait staff. The latter can help the event go smoothly if they are friendly, courteous, and efficient. You want a wait staff who are thoroughly professional. You want a wait staff who will make your guests feel comfortable and at ease and who will ensure that they can circulate and socialize as they want to.

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