Holiday Party Catering

The holiday season is drawing near and any good party host knows that booking holiday party catering should be done as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute to hire professional caterers for a holiday gathering isn’t completely impossible, the results are usually less than impressive. Since it is a holiday party, we all want to spread the cheer through amazing, delicious, and memorable catered food.

Our team at Saint Germain Catering has been coming up with creative and festive dishes, perfect for any holiday party. However, just because our experts are readily available doesn’t mean you can’t give us some specific instructions. Here are a few holiday catering tips every party host should consider:

Book A Venue ASAP

Deciding when and where to host the party is the first step. The holiday season gets really busy and venues will quickly run out of available dates. Make sure to already have a list of venues as your top choice and get calling. If you book early enough the venue might even offer a discount.

As soon as you have an approved date for the event, book the venue right away! The longer you delay, the less options you’ll have.

Coordinate Catering

Although you want to hire the best holiday caterer like our Saint Germain team it is important to remember that not all venues allow outside caterers. There are many places that are exclusive when it comes to their choice of catering companies and will most likely require you to book their in-house caterer.

A great way to get around that rule is to coordinate with the Saint Germain Catering professional event planner. Our event planning team has a list of venues our company is already connected with making everything easier to coordinate. Don’t hesitate to ask for our help because we’ll be happy to make your holiday party a guaranteed success.

Make A Guest List

Even small parties should have an estimate headcount to ensure you don’t run out of food and drinks in the middle of the party. Larger parties should already have a set guest list at least a month before the big party, but a small one can wait until a week before.

It is also good advice to order a couple of extra servings from the best holiday caterer of your choice just to be sure. Having leftovers is always better than running short and ending the party too early because all the food is gone.

Working With Professional Caterers

The only way to ensure that the holiday party season goes off without major hurdles is to hire a professional catering company. At Saint Germain Catering, all it takes is one call to our hotline: (703) 506-9396 to get started on the party planning. If you’re too busy to make the call, you can also send us an email at to request for a quote.

Saint Germain, the holiday party catering experts that can prepare everything from your menu to the night’s entertainment is one phone call away!

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