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No, not all professional Fairfax catering services have to be expensive. It is fairly common for inexperienced event planners to think that their food and catering budget should be over the top to ensure the food for the event is delicious. Many are under the impression that when it comes to catered food, you go big or you leave your guests disappointed.

What if there was a way to keep costs down without compromising the taste and quality of the food? Here at Saint Germain Catering, our Cheap Eats Menu is of the most popularly requested items by our loyal clients because it is affordable, satisfying, and oh so delicious! While our menu is the perfect starting off point for budget catering, here are a few more tips you and your pockets might find helpful:

Always Request For Accurate Estimates

The best Fairfax caterer will understand if you are on a budget and want to stick to that set price tag. When it comes to requesting for quotes and estimates you can always ask for the actual or a more accurate estimate. It is also advisable not to rely on the quoted price and leave more than enough room to accommodate a slight price increase.

Speak to a sales or event planning specialist from Saint Germain Catering and get a clear and more or less very accurate proposal for us. If you have any questions and suggestions, we will be happy to adjust the menu to better fit your needs and budget.

Do Your Catering Research

It may be easy to book and hire the first catering company that responds to your request for a quote, but it’s not a very wise decision. When it comes to finding the best Fairfax caterer you need to do some more research or you can end up with low-quality food that is disappointing and over-priced.

As much as you want to book all your vendors as soon as possible, you will benefit a lot more by taking the time to research all possible caterers in the area.

Watch For Corkage Fees

Unexpected corkage fees can add up to a significant chunk of your catering budget. The only way to avoid these fees is to double check with the venue about their rules for hiring outside vendors and bringing your own food and drinks for the even. The money you saved from ordering from our Cheap Eats Menu can end up being paid to the venue if you are not careful enough about their corkage rules.

Another great idea to avoid these expensive fees is to consult with our in-house event specialists. Our staff has connections with several amazing venues all over the Fairfax area and will be glad to help you find budget-friendly and Saint Germain Catering-approved venues.

Call Us Today

The sooner you can give us a call to start planning your budget catered menu for your next event the better. Check out our website https://www.saintgermaincatering.com/ for more information about our skilled and professional Fairfax catering team and our customizable and affordable menu options.

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