Dessert Catering DC

Saint Germain Catering: A Leading Name in Dessert Catering

Holding an event soon? Need a dessert catering DC to help put happy, satisfied smiles on your attendees’ faces? Saint Germain Catering is the company you should call.

Offering fully customizable menus, we have been providing the best food and beverages since 1998. Our specialty in preparing and dishing out the best desserts DC has impressed a wide range of clients, cementing our status as a leading name in the industry for more than two decades already.

Know Us Better

As an award-winning group, we are dedicated to providing the best catering services to different types of events -- from corporate to special occasions like weddings and birthdays. And whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, trust that our highly-experienced team can meet every client’s demands.

Currently, our company is acknowledged as the biggest woman-owned catering service provider in the country. Helmed by our Founder and CEO Mina Ebrahimi, we take pride in efficiently managing up to 200 events on a daily basis. Every day, we serve over 7,000 people who are located across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

At Saint Germain Catering, our every service is anchored on the following core values.

Unparalleled taste

Our top-notch cooks, pastry specialists, and bakers work hand in hand to deliver consistently flavorful food. Our broad-ranging offerings have a signature taste that only gets better after every bite.


We understand that organizing an event -- big or small -- is no easy task. By hiring our catering services, you are guaranteed to be served with the highest level of professionalism. We highly value our commitment to serve clients promptly and efficiently.

Flexibility and versatility

Especially when it comes to our dessert menus, we are known for our flexibility in meeting the different food requirements of any event. Don’t be shy and relay your requests to us -- we’re more than willing to cooperate and work around with your demands.

It’s More Than Just the Taste

There’s a reason why most menus always offer something sweet. Desserts can put people in a good mood, and it only takes some few bites before this magical benefit takes effect. Here are some of the best reasons why we keep our commitment to offer the best desserts DC.


Chocolates, the most common of desserts, are known for being rich with antioxidants that guard our bodies against harmful free radicals. Most sweet treats also contain serotonin, a chemical that serves as an antidepressant and an effective sleep regulator.

Mood enhancer

Several studies have shown that sweet foods can help improve one’s mood. To get rid of any bad vibes, serve desserts and make sure they are in a fairly good amount so everyone can have the chance to savor them.

Visually appetizing

Picture out a buffet table that has hardly any dessert. Now imagine one that offers a diverse array of delectable sweets. The latter is certainly a few notches more appealing. To help create an appetizing atmosphere, event planners and organizers should always include desserts in their menus.

If you’re looking for reliable dessert catering DC, don’t hesitate to reach Saint Germain Catering. Our accommodating staff is always ready to cater to your inquiries. Reach us at (703) 506-9396.

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