Corporate Lunch Catering

Working a 9 to 5 office job can become repetitive and boring, but corporate lunch catering can change it all. With a free catered lunch, office workers will look forward to their lunch break because it is time away from their desk and the perfect opportunity to get to know the other people in the office.

Back in the day watercooler talk was normal and workers would spend lunch breaks together, but that isn’t the case today. Now it is a norm for employees to grab a quick snack from the vending machine, eat in a hurry, and be back to work in a few minutes. While that may seem like the best way to enhance productivity, this unhealthy eating habit actually leads to a lull in the office because workers experience an energy or sugar crash.

The perfect way to avoid this at the office while also giving employees a treat is to offer catered lunches at least once a week. How will this improve the office ambiance and enhance productivity? Here are some facts about the food we choose to eat and how it affects our work:

Fact: Carbs May Hinder Productivity

It is true that carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet, but too much can also affect a person’s ability to work. Foods that are rich in carbs contain a lot of sugar which triggers the body to produce insulin to counter the presence of sugar. An excess of insulin in the blood releases sleep hormones such as tryptophan and serotonin.

Consuming too much carbs and sugary food for lunch can result in feeling tired and sleepy the rest of the day. When planning an office catered lunch be, sure to request for low carb options which our Saint Germain Catering staff will happily prepare for you.

Fact: Low Blood Sugar Lowers Willpower

If you have ever found yourself distracted at work and easily distracted this can mean you have low blood sugar. It might seem like a stretch, but studies have shown that the lack of food affects the mood and the behavior of a person, that’s because low blood sugar levels directly affect your brain.

A healthy and balanced diet that keeps your energy levels high for a longer amount of time will help you concentrate on finishing a task instead of giving into temptation. Here at the lunch catering experts headquarters, Saint Germain Catering we offer a long list of healthy options that are sure to keep your energy levels high while also maintaining your glucose levels throughout the day.

Fact: Food Can Affect Your Sleeping Pattern

The circadian rhythm is a natural pattern our body follows which dictates when it feels tired, sleepy, and alert. There are several factors that can affect the pattern and one of them is the food we eat. Simple habits such as having coffee after 4 in the afternoon or eating a large meal after 9 in the evening can disrupt the body’s sleeping pattern.

Encourage a healthier lifestyle at the office by serving delicious and balanced catered lunches for everyone. Get in touch with our head chef to start planning the best corporate lunch catering menu.

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