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There's one reason above all others why you can trust Saint Germain Catering to handle your corporate event catering needs with the style, panache, and customized menu you demand: Experience.

Corporate Event Catering

SGC Knows Your Corporate Catering Needs

Catering Services for Corporate Events is How We Got Our Start

Saint Germain Catering was founded by Mina Ebrahimi to be a catering company that caters - so to speak - primarily to Fortune 500 corporate clients in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. That was back in the late 1990s . . . and in the decades since, SGC has grown to become one of the largest catering companies in the DMV, and the single largest woman-owned catering services company in the United States.

But it's all due to our initial success cultivating a base of clients who are deservedly discerning, and who could certainly have taken their catering business anywhere. Saint Germain earned our reputation by consistently providing catering services that produce amazingly delicious food, on time, every time - and the Fortune 500 and other major companies we served took notice, and rewarded SGC with their repeat business.

So we say confidently that for corporate catering, the best catering service you could hire in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area is Saint Germain Catering - because of our lengthy experience as proven corporate caterers.

The Types of Corporate Events We Cater

From a Formal Business Reception to a Blowout Holiday Party

Not all corporate events are created equal. The tone of a grand opening or an awards gala may not be the same as that of a retirement celebration or a business meeting or a private event. The food definitely wouldn't be the same.

So the professional caterers of Saint Germain go the extra mile in preparing just the right menu for your event, ensuring not only that your guests enjoy good food, but that they enjoy a menu that's perfect for the occasion.

Whether that's corporate breakfasts, corporate luncheons, business receptions, or holiday parties, the staff of Saint Germain offers the most appropriate catering services in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area. Basically, we know what to serve and we know how to serve it.

Let Us Create a Customized Menu Just for Your Event

SGC Cooks Up a Staggering Array of Cuisine Choices

Experience isn't the only reason to go with Saint Germain Catering as your corporate caterer in the Washington DC area. There's also the simple fact that we put together astonishingly delicious menus of high-quality food made from locally sourced ingredients - and it's all entirely customized to your specific event.

What sort of cuisine would you like served at your next event? The talented group of chefs at SGC can do it all.

We create entire menus of American, Mexican, Italian, or French fare, as well as favorite dishes from Greek, Middle Eastern, and Far Eastern cooking traditions. We're as comfortable preparing and serving beef and chicken kabobs with grilled vegetables, basmati rice and pita bread with hummus and tzatziki dip, as we are serving up meatloaf in mushroom gravy with red mashed potatoes and green beans, sided by buttered buttermilk biscuits. We can make you a ham, bacon, gouda, BBQ Spread, crispy onion and cilantro sandwich, or serve a delicious kale and mushroom ravioli tossed with tomatoes, roasted red peppers, zucchini, and marinara sauce - always with fresh ingredients.

That's not to mention the appetizers, baked goods, desserts, and beverages SGC offers to accompany your selection of entrées - and if you don't see a food item on our menu that you'd like to have (due to health or dietary restrictions), talk with our corporate event caterers so we can see about making it for you!

Catering means accommodating. SGC is here to cater to - that is, to accommodate - your needs, enhance your event, serve your guests whatever you want them to be served. We're here to make the occasion as seamless as possible, with customized menus, on-time delivery, and detail-focused, budget-conscious planning that ensures your event will be a marvelous, even memorable, dining experience.

Additional Catering Services

Tables, Tablecloths, Professional Wait Staff, Even A/V Equipment and Entertainment

The phrase "full-service" means something. To us, full-service catering means more than on-time delivery of a dazzling menu of mouth-watering food. It means providing literally everything you need to put on a great corporate event.

Short on tables? We can help. Need more linens? We got that covered. Wouldn't it be nice to have some professional wait staff taking orders and bussing tables? With a roster of certified porters and captains, we have just the people!

From interior décor and lighting to audio-visual equipment and the entertainers who use it, Saint Germain Catering supplies you with every aspect of the corporate event experience.

Corporate Catering for a Great Cause

Like Your Company, Our Company is Committed to a Better Community

We've been fortunate to be a successful corporate caterer in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area since 1998. That's been plenty of time to cultivate some wonderful relationships with some of the magnificent nonprofit organizations that adorn the National Capital Region.

When you work with Saint Germain to cater corporate events, you're doing more than just fulfilling your catering needs. You're supporting the charities we support, including The 25th Project to help unhoused families and Operation Homefront DC to assist the families of active-duty military members throughout the area.

Saint Germain is the catering company that cares about making life a little sweeter for everyone in the DMV.

Let's Start Planning Your Next Event

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So you're planning a corporate event. Make it easy on yourself. Work with the professional corporate catering specialists of Saint Germain.

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It's a smart move to go with the locally operated company with a decades-long history of serving Fortune 500 companies. We'll bring our high-quality food and impeccable service to enhance your event, too.

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