Corporate Catering Washington DC

Professional corporate catering Washington DC companies can rely on to impress guests and satisfy their hunger.

Saint Germain Catering offers a wide array for office catering Washington DC events that fits everyone’s budget without sacrificing quality and flavor. Corporate-sponsored lunches are never boring when a professional catering company can handle all of your specific requests. No guest will ever feel left out because with a catering company like Saint Germain every little detail is noted to ensure all means are safe, well-prepared, delicious, and allergen-free.

A Passion For Food

One of the reasons why our catering company from Washington DC remains as the popular choice for office catering is our passion for food. Executive Chef and Vice President, Jeff Witte personally handles food preparations for all office catering Washington DC clients. He is known for his great attention to detail and unique twists in menu items that are sure to tickle and delight even the pickiest taste buds in the office.

No booking is completed without a special tasting event of Chef Witte’s personalized menu for your event. Make sure to clear a day just to get a chance to sample everything from our kitchen.

Customized Menu

Not all catered events are the same, and they shouldn’t be. The kind of food served during a catered office event should match the ambiance and theme of the gathering as well as meeting the standards of all attending guests. Here at Saint Germain Catering, event planners have the opportunity to craft a customized menu that is perfect for every event.

Where else will you get a chance to serve fresh buttermilk pancakes topped with in-season fruits for a corporate brunch? For companies who wish to stick to their strict food budget, don’t worry, our team will be happy to offer you the same excellent service for a fraction of the price. Simply explore our Cheap Eats menu to see if there are items that you want for your event.

Just because they are affordable boxed meals doesn’t mean they will fail to impress with every bite. Our team and kitchen staff work hard to ensure our clients get high-quality food without paying excessive fees.

What’s For Dessert?

Don’t forget about checking out our dessert menu. Everyone deserves a sweet treat, even during an office corporate event. What better way to end a gathering with colleagues than to share an amazing dessert? Our dessert menu has an extensive list of offerings perfect for an office luncheon and it won’t disappoint.

Great Food Is A Promise

At Saint Germain we do more than just the typical and boring catered lunches, we promise a culinary experience with every bite. Whether your company is hosting a major event or it is a weekly treat for all in-house employees, our food is guaranteed to make a good impression. So, the next time you have a corporate or business event for 300 or a small gathering for 50, remember to call the experts in corporate catering Washington DC to schedule a tasting and menu planning session.

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