Catering Reston VA

Saint Germain Catering Reston VA

Are you ready to experience the best catering Reston VA has to offer? If so, our Saint Germain Catering provider is happy to serve all your guests. We prepare diverse menu options for events such as corporate lunches and dinners, wedding receptions, and private parties.

Our Reston, VA catering team will also be happy to arrange for you to have food delivered to your office as many times of the week as you would like. Meals we provide will meet a range of preferences and health requirements.

Catering Reston VA

Menu Choices for all Meal Planning Requirements

Saint Germain catering in Reston, VA offers meal planning to suit just about any taste. In addition, we also fulfill special requests for guests following specific food requirements for medical reasons.

For instance, some people cannot eat gluten, so we offer a range of gluten-free menu options. In addition, we provide completely vegan or vegetarian meals and non-GMO selections. The following is a description of suggested menu items you could have prepared at different times of the day.

For breakfast - Reston, VA catering choices range from bagels and lox with toppings such as tomatoes, capers, cream cheese and red onions to oatmeal, scrambled eggs with meat and cheese, and more. Granola and fruit along with milk is also available among numerous other morning food choices. A vegan tofu scramble or vegetable kabobs are also available as well as other vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items.

For lunch - Your Saint Germain catering house provides a variety of hot and cold sandwiches. Meat selections include roast beef or pastrami, smoked, honey or regular turkey, herb chicken breast, and smoked or honey ham. Choices of cheeses include white or yellow cheddar and Swiss or Havarti. Toppings could include sliced tomatoes, raw onions, and mayonnaise or mustard. Beef, chicken or pork sliders are also available with a variety of toppings such as caramelized onions and House Sauce.

For dinner - Have us make and cater beef, chicken, fish or other meats seasoned to satisfy any palette. Pair this with a salad or start with mini quiches, taco buns, chicken tenders and beef kabobs, or other appetizers. Vegetarian options include one of a variety of bell peppers stuffed with parmesan portabella, eggplant Napoleon, vegetable stir fry and more. Gluten-free steak or salmon entrees are also available.

For snacks or dessert -- A variety of sweets such as baby bundt cakes, berry shortcake bars or cheesecake filled strawberries are available. A variety of flavors of fudge bars, cookies, fruit and yogurt parfaits, crispy rice treats, and more are also found on our menu.

Meet the Chef for a Private Tasting

Sometimes, you just do not know what to expect unless you try it. We can help you become acquainted with any of the menu items we serve that pique your curiosity. If you are curious about what Executive Chef Jeff Witte and staff can bring to your table, feel free to arrange a tasting at your convenience. Our Saint Germain Team is ready to offer you the best catering Reston VA offers today.

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