Catering in Fairfax VA

The instance catering in Fairfax VA is mentioned, most people think of a lavish and fancy catered meal for wedding and other formal events. Although it is true that catered events are usually to celebrate major milestones in life, formal catering isn’t the only type of Fairfax Catering we offer. We at Saint Germain Catering understand that there are different reasons to offer a catered meal, and not all of them have to be formal.

In fact, our team specializes in customized catered meals that are fit for any occasion. For those who are still unsure about the different types of catering, here are the most common types that you may or may not have heard of:

The Buffet Line

Almost everyone knows about the buffet service type. This type of catering is very common for different events ranging from weddings to corporate events. Traditionally the food is set in a public space which allows guest to pick and choose the dishes they want to sample. Guests may serve themselves or a server can be stationed on each menu item to serve the food.

Guests can return to the buffet area for seconds if they wish. If you wish to have a buffet-style catering for your event, let our team know so we can make the arrangements for you if necessary.

The Reception Type

Another term used for this catering style is the "walk and talk" service. The food is usually served buffet style, but the choices are limited to finger foods that are easy to eat and bring from one table to another. A reception type catering setting is best used for birthday parties or during short meetings where guests are expected to mingle and interact with one another.

We at Saint Germain Catering also offer this particular type of catering service upon request. Together with our event planning specialists and head chef you can plan the best menu for the crowd you are entertaining for the night.

Boxed Or Prepackaged Meals

Yes, pre-packed meals can also be considered a catering style. This is usually very popular for corporate catering settings because it is easier to distribute and requires less hassle in the office. Many people often mistake boxed meals for lesser quality food because it is seen as a cheaper option.

It is true that boxed meals for corporate catering are a part of our "Cheap Eats Menu" but the quality is never compromised. Providing the top catering Fairfax VA companies rely on our kitchen staff are proud of the hard work, passion, and dedication they put towards creating these boxed meals. Give it a try yourself and you will taste quality in every bite, that’s a guarantee!

We Do All Types Of Catering Upon Request

No matter what type of catering style you have in mind we at Saint Germain Catering will help you make your vision into a reality. Call us, the Catering in Fairfax VA experts at (703) 506-9396 or book online to start planning for your catered event today.

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