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If you want the best caterers Herndon VA for your business and special events, download our new menu and request a quote today. You can customize the menu and choose from a variety of healthy, tasty, and unique meals served at either a breakfast, lunch, or special event.

Catering Herndon VA

New Menu For 2019

To help your events stand out, Saint Germain Catering is introducing a new catering menu. All of the favorites are still there along with the newest selections that will definitely make your mouth water. Find the best food and beverages for your next event with us.

We’ll Help You Stand Out

Whether it’s a business meeting or a private party, it’s important to make a good first impression. At Saint Germain Catering, we’ll help you make a great one by bringing out all the best aspects that you look for when it comes to catering. We do this by bringing together fantastic service and delicious meals to every event that we help cater.

Online Rewards Program

Loyal foodies, rejoice! To say thank you to all the loyal customers that we have, you can collect Rewards for ordering your favorite Saint Germain Catering food.

Catering Specials

We put together special menus so you always have something unique to try.

Gourmet Sandwich Featuring Boars Head

Saint Germain Catering has the Boar’s Head brand meats front and center to give you only the finest quality catered sandwich. Try out the all-new gourmet sandwich with quality assured by two companies that have created a stable reputation of providing quality.

March Madness Creations

March Madness is fast approaching. Celebrate every win by your favorite college basketball team in the tastiest way: with Saint Germain Catering. Choose among the chocolate cake cups, munchies, bento box lunches, cookies, and more - all of which are basketball themed. Did we mention the 3-Point Play featuring fresh tortilla chips?

Cheap Eats

Eating quality meals at Saint Germain Catering doesn’t burn a hole through your pockets. We have an assortment of meals packaged in deals to help you quickly decide on what food to eat if you are going out with a tight budget.


Every event that we cater, we learn the favorites and work on improving those. That’s why our line-up of most popular desserts only get better and better. Hosting an office luncheon, backyard BBQ, corporate picnic, anniversary parties, or spring wedding? Saint Germain Catering has all the best options to suit your needs and satisfy your guests’ sweet tooth.

About Us

Mina Ebrahimi established Saint Germain Catering in 1998 and started as a catering company focused primarily on corporate events. As we grew in popularity and our reputation for bringing quality spread across towns, we strived harder to ensure that every event features high-quality food and tremendous service. This helped us become recognized as the go-to for the area’s top Fortune 500 companies. If you are looking for the best caterers Herndon VA, you will always be routed to Saint Germain Catering.

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