Catering DC

With catering DC events are going to be more enjoyable for everyone involved. As the host, you don’t have to be personally responsible for making the food or going across town to pick it up. As the guests, they’ll know that they’re going to be fed during the event.

At Saint Germain Catering, we look forward to creating a delicious, catered spread for you and all of your guests to enjoy. From weddings to birthday parties to corporate events, we have catered it all. We’ve been in the DC/Northern Virginia area since 1998 and look forward to creating exciting menus for you to choose from.

Choosing Your Menu

Choosing a menu is important because it can have an impact on the entire event. You want to make sure that people are well fed. We offer a wide array of menus for you to choose from, allow you to fit the food with the theme of your event.

Platters, buffets, plated meals, and even passed appetizers are available to you. We create salads, desserts, and everything in between. Whether you are looking for beef, chicken, pork, pasta, vegetarian dishes or anything else, we are confident that we will be able to create it for you.

You can browse through the menus or consult with us on creating a custom menu. This gives you the chance to have exactly what you want. Our chefs are always ready to try something new, ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch.

Feeding Your Guests

The task of feeding your guests should not be an overwhelming one. Depending on how long your event is, you want to make sure that people are fed throughout it. You may want to start with breakfast, work your way into lunch, offers the mid-afternoon snacks, and, then, wow everyone with an incredible dinner.

At Saint Germain Catering, we’re up for the challenge of feeding 10, 100, and even more guests. We’ll help you decide the best way to present the food, too, ensuring that everyone eats in a timely manner.

Staying within Budget

Our goal is to help you with your task of catering while staying within budget. Buffets, trays, and other items can be adjusted to ensure you’re able to feed everyone. We also have a ‘Cheap Eats’ menu that includes various breakfast and lunch items.

We’re happy to add or subtract items in order to customize a menu. If you’re still in the planning stages of an event and want to know what the cost will be for a meal so that it can be added to the ticket price, we’re able to work with you on some of the different options.

Ultimately, we’re here to make recommendations for any catering that you may need. It ensures attendees are fed. Plus, our delicious meals will have people talking long after the event is over.

Contact us today to discuss the details of your event so we can help you with the catering plan. When it comes to catering DC attendees look forward to what we have to serve.

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