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Our Expert Catering Service Has Delighted Customers in the DC Metro Area Since 1998

Our philosophy at Saint Germain Catering is simple: We listen. We carefully listen to what our customers want, and we do everything we can to create delicious custom menus while providing unsurpassed outstanding service.

It's how SGC has been among the best caterers in DC since before the turn of the century.

Caterers in DC

With Full-Service Catering by Saint Germain, Your Event Is in Good Hands

We're Your Worry-Free Go-To Caterer in DC - and We Come Highly Recommended

From the moment you call Saint Germain Catering to request a free quote on our event catering services, you've got a partner on your side every step of the way.

To fulfill our mission of ensuring our clients' events go off as smoothly as possible, SGC handles every relevant detail of your catered event. That includes things like tables, chairs, wait staff, lighting, even entertainment - not to mention the most delicious meals outside of a Michelin-star restaurant - all of which are available for the asking.

Our clients are taking notice of Saint Germain Catering's consistent quality, and they're sharing their thoughts on review sites across the Internet. Check out SGC's many 5-star reviews online and find out why so many delighted customers return to SGC again and again for full-service events catering and staffing.

We love to see our customers and their guests smile. Catering by Saint Germain tends to have that effect.

SGC Makes Custom Menus To Cater Any Occasion

Our Secret Is No Secret: Simply Fantastic Food and Beverage Every Time

When we say we're a full-service catering company, we're not just blowing smoke. Saint Germain Catering really does take care of all your catering needs, from designing the customized menu for your event, to delivering the food nice and fresh, to serving the meal to your guests. Everything a Washington DC caterer should be, SGC is.

But what really separates Saint Germain from other catering companies in the Washington DC area is - you guessed it - the food. The food makes the event - and our incredible team of professional chefs make the food that'll have your guests raving.

To wax philosophical a bit more, we believe cuisine is a form of art. Food should attract the eye as well as the nose, giving your mouth even more reason to water. Every chef we hire at Saint Germain Catering is dedicated to unparalleled excellence in the culinary arts, and our entire team works hard to ensure that each bite of the meal is a great experience unto itself.

Whether we're catering dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, or brunch, we promise to deliver a truly fantastic job preparing your custom menus, event after event after event.

We Cater Many Events Around Washington DC

Office Retreats, Corporate Events, Business Luncheons, Weddings, Private Parties, Etc.

Every day - workdays, Saturdays, holidays, whatever - the team at Saint Germain Catering is hard at work, preparing innovative cuisine and delivering delicious meals to event venues around Washington DC. We serve literally thousands of guests at dozens to hundreds of events and parties, earning our ranking among the largest and busiest catering companies in the DC metro area.

To SGC, every event is a special event.

Any event that food could improve, Saint Germain Catering is on the job. We're your premier Washington DC caterers for that upcoming birthday party, wedding, reception, bridal shower, baby shower, bar or bat mitzvah, wine tasting, graduation celebration, corporate event, business lunch, or company outing.

But you don't need to be the organizer of social events to order amazing catered food from SGC. All you need is great taste. Contact our team anytime for a spectacular meal custom-prepared and cooked by Saint Germain Catering, and bring something truly delicious back to the house.

Experience Counts In the Food Service Industry

In the Catering Business Since 1998, We Bring Decades of Experience to Every Job

Another factor that sets Saint Germain Catering above other Washington DC catering companies is our sheer experience in this business. We opened our doors in 1998, making a name for ourselves as emerging preeminent caterers for corporate events, particularly among the city's many Fortune 500 companies.

Quickly, by dint of word-of-mouth advertising, SGC's reputation grew. We began catering other types of events, transferring our penchant for excellence to weddings, birthday parties, private gatherings, and more. Soon we found ourselves a highly sought-after catering company in Washington DC - and we still do.

Nowadays, our vast experience as a company - experience that's shared by many members of our team - merits us a prestigious place in the world of Washington DC caterers.

What does our experience mean for our clients? When you call SGC to handle catering at your event, the job is already halfway done . . . because we know what you're looking for, because we've seen it all before.

As a result, the suggestions from our team of professional caterers comes from our knowledge of what you'll likely want - and what you'll definitely need.

So rely on Saint Germain Catering's decades of experience, and let us focus on what'll make your event in Washington DC a truly fantastic, memorable occasion.

The Largest Woman-Owned Catering Service in the United States...

...and One of the Biggest and Busiest Serving the Washington DC Area

Saint Germain Catering was founded in 1998 by entrepreneur Mina Ebrahimi, who saw an opportunity to create a niche as the local Washington DC caterer to the city's Fortune 500 companies. Little did Mina realize that the catering service she was founding would go on to become the single largest woman-owned catering service in the entire country.

Of course, getting to the top is difficult enough - staying there is even more so. There's no resting on laurels at Saint Germain Catering. Competition in the catering business is intensely fierce, and one negative experience could potentially ruin years of reputation-building.

That's why Mina and her team work so diligently on every event we cater, from the careful crafting of custom menus to the fine art of food presentation. Every detail is important to SGC, and we're determined to continue our upward trajectory as one of the premier catering companies in Washington DC.

Catering for a Great Cause (or Two)

When You Support Saint Germain, You're Supporting Some Worthy Charities in Washington DC

Giving back is inherent in the corporate mission of Saint Germain Catering. From our president Mina Ebrahimi to every chef, cook, and server on our team, SGC is firmly dedicated to being an outstanding corporate citizen for the benefit of the people - and, quite often, the dogs - of Washington DC.

Among the local philanthropic organizations we support are:

Bite Me Cancer - begun by a Northern Virginia high school student to fight the scourge of thyroid cancer in teens.

The 25th Project - provides vital essentials for and aid to unhoused individuals and families living in the Washington DC region.

Operation Homefront DC - supports active-duty military personnel and their families living in the Washington DC region.

Interventional Paws - begun by Saint Germain Catering founder and president Mina Ebrahimi to help pet owners in need pay for veterinary care.

That's not all. SGC supports a myriad of organizations and foundations committed to improving the lives of people and their canine companions all over the DMV. When you hire Saint Germain as your Washington DC caterer, you're helping out your neighbors, too.

We're Saint Germain, Your Washington DC Caterers

From Georgetown to NoMa to the Southwest Waterfront, SGC Has DC Covered

We've been catering events in Washington DC long enough to know what kind of town this is - and that's a town for all kinds of events.

Sure, the stereotype holds true: There's no shortage of government agencies and government contractors hobnobbing with each other, looking to get some business done. (Heck, it is the nation's capital, after all.) But this is a very big city - bigger, in population, than some states. And people in Washington DC are just like people in any other metropolitan region: They want to go to a party and eat delicious food. It's a universal thing.

That's why Saint Germain Catering is such an ideal fit for the Washington DC market. We know what our clients want, and we deliver it every time.

SGC caters birthday parties in Georgetown and weddings on the Southwest Waterfront. We cater business lunches on K Street and graduation celebrations at Gallaudet, baby showers in Adams Morgan and corporate events around Capitol Hill.

Even beyond the borders of the District of Columbia, Saint Germain Catering delivers and serves outstanding meals at events held in College Park, Silver Spring, Bethesda, McLean, Tysons Corner, Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria, and Oxon Hill.

Whether your event is located in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland, or anywhere in Washington DC, Saint Germain Catering is the company to call for restaurant-quality cuisine delivered to your door in the DMV.

Contact Saint Germain for the Best Catering Company in Washington DC

Hire SGC To Cook and Serve Your Custom Menu at Your Special Event

The first step toward hiring the top catering company in DC to cater your event is an easy one: Just call.

Or email, or connect on social media, or message SGC through the contact form on our website. Any way you reach out, our team will be pleased to serve.

Here's how to reach Saint Germain Catering of Washington DC to get a complimentary quote and place your customized order:

  • Call SGC at 703-506-9396

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(By the way, our social media channels are excellent ways to see for yourself the kind of quality food our team of trained caterers can produce. A visual feast!)

Let us bring something special to your house or office, and make your next event your best event yet.

Delicious Food, Prompt Delivery, Outstanding Service. That's Saint Germain Catering in Washington DC

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