Baby Shower Catering DC

Showering mom-to-be with love and affection through the best baby shower catering DC menu!

When a good friend or a sister is expecting her bundle of joy to arrive soon it is tradition to gather friends and family for a baby shower. Most baby showers are hosted by a person in their home to surprise the mom-to-be with games, gifts, excited chatter, and good food from Washington DC baby shower catering company.

Baby Shower Catering DC

Why Choose A Catering Company?

Saint Germain Catering is a company that specializes in customized menus for all types of occasions. Celebrating with an expecting mother can mean there are limitations to what she can eat and our team is committed to serving the best dishes possible. Any and all dietary restrictions will be taken seriously to ensure everyone at the party is safe and fully satisfied with every dish they try.

Our menu choices for baby showers are limitless. Clients can book a full three-course meal that will make everyone smile with delight after each bite or just a simple spread of light hors-d'oeuvres for quick baby shower afternoon tea.

A Beautiful Display

Once a booking has been made, the Saint Germain Catering team will work closely with you to come up with a menu for the baby shower. Next, table displays and themes will be discussed to ensure the buffet table will match the decorations. All clients are guaranteed to expect professionally set up food display for their event that will impress everyone while also encouraging their appetite.

Time To Focus On Mom

The entire point of hiring the best Washington DC baby shower catering is so that you can put all of your focus and attention towards mom-to-be. There is no need to run around refilling empty plates and ensuring everyone has a drink because our catering staff can handle all of these small details. There is more time to shower the expecting mother with love, fun, and gifts when you’re not clearing used dishes all the time.

More The Enough Food

When ordering food from a catering service, make it a point to order more than enough. Good food, like what we at Saint Germain prepare will quickly disappear from the table; just make sure you don’t run out of anything to serve within 30 minutes of the party. Others might say to only order food good enough for 80% of all the invited guests, but this is a risk not worth taking when the food is delicious. Having leftovers is better than not having enough for all of your guests.

Family-Friendly Dishes

A baby shower has more guests than just the mom’s friends. Most of the time husbands of friends and other family member are also invited to share at the moment which means food options should be versatile. If you are expecting children to attend, order dishes that are kid-friendly so that they have something to eat too.

To make sure that your menu is set and ready to do, coordinate and follow up with the baby shower catering DC company a few days before the party.

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