Fun Menu Packages

The Saint Germain Catering Promotional Packages to ring in the New Year. We always want to offer you the most amount of variety for the best pricing. 

June Catering Specials

The month of June is filled with so many reasons to celebrate and Saint Germain has delicious menu options for each of them. Whether you are enjoying an afternoon company picnic, honoring a special Father on Father's Day, hosting friends for a Backyard BBQ or celebrating a loved one's Graduation, we have custom menus that are perfect for every occasion. At Saint Germain we continue to add new and creative menu options that will put a unique & delicious touch to your event. Let's party together and let us take VIP care of everyone. We are always grateful to our clients and entire staff. 

Picnic Packages

Looking for a relaxing day outside for your next family or social event?  Every year we cater many backyard events by offering all of the essentials.  If you're looking to fully enjoy your next backyard get-together without all the hassle, contact us today.

BBQ & Grill Specials

Whether you are hosting a Company Picnic or celebrating with friends at a Backyard BBQ, Saint Germain has a custom menu for your event. Add a unique & delicious touch to your event by offering a twist on your usual BBQ menu. Our SGC Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches are a tasty addition to your company picnic or backyard poolside BBQ.


Baby Shower or Bridal Shower or Birthday Party or a Happy Hour or any Private Party. We have over 100 types of appetizers to choose from for your next event. You can have it displayed or passed or dropped off for your next party. Holiday Parties are booking fast. If you don't see it ask us and we can make any appetiser to your liking.

Bento Boxes

Offering Build Your Own and Pre-Made Individual Boxed Meals. Our individually boxed meals allow you to enjoy the same great taste that Saint Germain provides without the worry.

Display Platters

Display platters from Cheese Platters domestic and imported and many kinds to choose from for your next event or a drop off at the office. 


These tasty lunches are individually packaged and perfect for your next catering! 

Having a Brunch or Baby or Bridal Shower Packages

Having a baby shower or bridal shower. Check out some pre made menus. 

  • Caprese Salad on a Stick
  • Salsa Deviled Eggs
  • Speared Prosciutto Wrapped Melo
  • Herbed Goat Cheese Sandwiches
  • Steamed Asparagus Vinaigrette
  • Smoked Chicken with Peach Mayonnaise Phyllo Tarts
  • Marinated Shrimp ~ Mango ~ Chive Salad
  • Brioche ~ Sweet Butter


  • Lemon Bars
  • Strawberries laced with Balsamic Syrup
  • Rania’s Fruited Iced Tea


At Saint Germain we offer new and creative catering options for every event. We have gathered our most popular dessert offerings that are perfect for an Office Luncheon, Corporate Picnic, Spring Wedding or Backyard BBQ with friends. Add a special touch to your menu by adding one of our Favorite Desserts to make an ordinary meal a wonderful experience.

Wedding Menu Ideas

Wedding Menu Ideas from small to large let us help you plan for 2023 and 2024 Early. 
Event Planner Free for the Day
Menu 1 $65.99/pp Choose 3 apps, one salad, and 3 entrees
Menu 2 $45.99/pp Choose 3 apps, one salad, and 3 entrees
Menu 3 $39.99/pp Choose 3 app, one salad, and two entrees
Menu 4 $31.99/pp Choose 1 app, one salad, and two entrees

Vegetarian Entrées

 The culinary team at Saint Germain Catering has created so many vegetarian custom meals for our clients. Let us know anything you like and we can make it happy for an event or just a corporate meeting. We are all here for our Vegetarians anytime. 

Healthy Menu

Healthy is part of Saint Germain Catering! We want our clients to have the healthiest and freshest foods to pick from. We have expanded even a bigger selection of healthier cooking at Saint Germain Catering. Let us know anything you would like us to prepare for your next event to prepare. Healthy is the way of life and it starts with good clean healthy cooking. 

Around The World Buffet

We have menus from all parts of the world. Our chefs can prepare almost anything from other countries. We offer Italian and Mexican and Mediterranean and Asian and Middle Eastern and the list goes on and on. We custom make menus based on your needs for any special occasions.Just ask one of our sales/food experts. 

Plant Based

If you are a Vegan we have the right items for you and we can make you anything special anytime. We are here to make sure you get the right meal you deserve. Please feel free to share ideas and speak to one of our management team. 


You don't want to miss having a nice Hot Breakfast at the office for any special family or fun occasion. We can custom your orders anytime just let  us know what you like. We can do Vegan and Vegetarian and Gluten Free Breakfast hot items as well. 

Gluten Free & Vegan Meals

You have food allergies and specific diet restriction? Look no further we can create a menu that gears to you and your family or for the work place. Saint Germain Catering priority is making sure our clients eat healthy and stay well always. We can do a Gluten Free or Vegan Free or Vegetarian or other speciality menus please email us at

Congrats Class of 2023

Graduation 2023 has already started. We offer a full service set up with staffing or just even  a drop off some place of your choice. We can include full decoration to fit your famous Graduate's need. Congrats to all for 2023!

SGC Favorites

At Saint Germain we offer new and creative catering options for every event. We have gathered out most popular menu offerings to highlight our SGC Favorites. Successfully exceeding clients expectations for 20 years with fresh & delicious food we know what it takes to make every event memorable from start to finish.Try one of our Favorites today and make an ordinary meal a wonderful experience.

Boar's Head Sandwiches

Quality is unanimous with Saint Germain Catering and Boar's Head® brand meats’.  Two of the best names in the catering world have partnered to give you the finest quality catered sandwiches.  Our new Gourmet Sandwich selections offer our client the same great quality of Saint Germain specialty sandwiches with ultra premium Boars Head® brand meats…try them today!

Room Temp Lunches

You can choose from our room temperature menu items either in individual packaging per person or platter style. We can do it hot or room temp or chilled. 2022 is the time of the year to get started on planning your healthy meals with Saint Germain Catering.

Sandwiches- Cold

Here is so many sandwich ideas for your next lunch event at the office or at home weekend gathering. Fresh made bread and the best top deli meats you can get in town. 

Celebration Platters

Need to send a Thank you or want a WOW platter on your next buffet? 

Mina Ebrahimi is an extraordinary businesswoman
in the Hospitality Industry

Success does not happen overnight and neither is it achieved by saying the "magic words". Mina Ebrahimi, the CEO of Saint Germain Catering, has proved that success comes by putting in hours of work and making strategic decisions. Saint Germain Catering today is widely known in the corporate world for its catering services. The business also serves events such as BBQ and picnics, baby showers, anniversaries and birthdays, bridal showers, graduations, and funerals.

For Mina, the passion for the hospitality industry started at a tender age of 11 years in Seven Corners, VA at her parents’ bakery. At the age of 26, Mina Ebrahimi set out to establish her own business, Saint Germain Catering, which would grow to be among the top Fortune 500 companies.

Mina Ebrahimi devotion to offering superior services in the hospitality industry has led to her being recognized several times. Among her awards include Top 40 under 40 in 2010, smart CEO Brava Award in 2012, and enterprising woman of the year 2014. She has been a hands-on CEO through overseeing the businesses operations and applying her experience and skills into kitchen management.

Mina has always wanted to expand her business and ensure it stays at the top. Back in 1999, the Saint Germain Catering dealt with corporate catering, today it offers full-service catering. The growth has been owed to Mina’s dedication to making the business better every day. Mina stays up to date by attending professional seminars on cuisine, décor, and design to maintain the business’s relevance.

Another aspect that has really driven the success of Mina Ebrahimi’s success is how she treats her employees. Her staff members are her team some of whom have been under her wing since the business’ foundation. Keeping her team motivated, empowered and satisfied has always yielded great results in terms of employee loyalty.

Besides being a good leader, Mina Ebrahimi is also a generous philanthropist. She has given back to the community through supporting Operation Homefront which helps disabled soldiers, Mina is also the woman behind the one of a kind Interventional Radiology Veterinarian program, the Jack Ebrahimi Program. In addition, she sponsors the Penn Vet Working Dog Centre to help a dog named McBaine who detects ovarian cancer.

Mina Ebrahimi is an extraordinary businesswoman who inspires many women of all ages to help achieve their dreams.

My parents purchased Tiffany’s Bakery in Seven Corners in 1980. It was here that I first started working in the food service industry. At 11 years old, I would help my father with all the daily tasks of running a full service bakery. When I was 15, my parents purchased the Daily Croissant in Tysons Corner Center. I was attending Marshall High School at the time, but after class, would head to my parents store to help out in the kitchen and at the cash register.

The success of Daily Croissant enabled my family to purchase Saint Germain Cafe in the Tysons Galleria in 1988. At Saint Germain Café, I found myself performing multiple tasks — cooking, cleaning, waiting tables and managing. I learned a great deal from just the everyday experience of being around the family business. I learned about customer service, staying organized, running a clean restaurant, and maintaining impeccable business ethics. My parents led by example and demonstrated the right way to treat customers and the right way to run a business.

I continued to work with my parents until I was 26. At this time, I decided to start my own company – Saint Germain Catering. My family business roots were hugely helpful to me in getting my business off the ground. I still think back on those early days and I feel immense gratitude for my family’s entrepreneurial roots. They taught me from an early age how to do business the right way – not just to make the most money possible, but to make the biggest possible difference for customers and the community. I hope that we all can remember our roots, no matter how humble, and remember that every business success story is about the journey and not just the destination.

Meet Carrie Westbrook

Carrie graduated from The Culinary Institute of America and continued to pursue her love of culinary arts for neighborhood restaurants and hotels in New York. She task forced in Vermont and volunteered with Microgreens to teach cooking classes. Carrie worked with Amphora catering in Sales and designing wedding cakes when she moved from New York. She opened restaurants and ran them under the title of General Manager in Washington DC. Most recently she left Hill Country BBQ after nearly 9 years as their General Manager. Carrie has worked in all facets of restaurants and hotels and catering. Carrie joined Saint Germain Catering as the Director of Catering Saint Germain in December 2022, shortly in August was promoted as the new Vice President of Saint Germain Catering. She is thrilled to announce her new position as The VP of Saint Germain Catering. The company President Mina Ebrahimi started Saint Germain Catering in 1999 and has been 100% Woman Owned and excited to have another phenomenal Woman as The Company Vice President.

Catering for a Birthday Party

Anniversaries, Birthdays, reunions, corporate events

Contact Saint Germain Catering to celebrate a milestone! Our menus and talented chefs create the perfect party. Our event planners ensure the entire party runs smoothly, from beginning to end.

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Catering Baby Shower

weddings, bridal parties, Baby Showers

With so much to celebrate in life, let Saint Germain Catering offer your guests everything from fantastic finger foods, elegant buffets and exquisite farm-to-table meals – everyone will wish they were eating for two. Whether it’s a six-course meal, light hors d’oeuvres, or a backyard cookout, Saint Germain Catering will make your party a bundle of joy.

Picnic Catering

BBQs & Picnics

During the hot summer and fall months, let Saint Germain Catering throw some shrimp (or chicken, or pork, or vegetables) on the barbeque. We can help find a great venue and provide the picnic and barbecue foods you’ve come to love. It is picnic & BBQ catering at its best.

Bridal Shower Catering

Bridal Showers

Begin the perfect wedding with a memorable bridal shower. Whether you’re looking to provide an intimate brunch for 10 people or a late afternoon soirée for hundreds, Saint Germain Catering can provide a personalized menu that guests will love. Our event planners manage the event so that you can enjoy this occasion with friends and family.

Corporate Caterer

Corporate Catering

When there’s a meeting to manage, let us take control of the catering. Regardless of tastes or dietary restrictions, Saint Germain Catering can keep everybody satisfied with a variety of delicious options. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or sandwich platters, we will meet your needs.

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Funeral Caterers


Funerals are reflective, personal family events that require the proper care and respect. Saint Germain Catering will take care of the practical concerns involved with the event, lessening stress. We can provide morning brunches or lunch receptions following the service with ease. Our caterers design the menu for your event, ensure that it arrives on time, and complete both setup and cleanup.

Catering for Graduation Parties


The tassel may be worth the hassle – but the party should be fun! Saint Germain Catering can help you celebrate everything from a high school graduation to a PhD. Graduations are major milestones, so why not enjoy some amazing food at the party? If you’re celebrating the graduation of a son or daughter, please let us know; we’ll give you a 10% discount as our congratulations.

Holiday Catering

Holiday Parties

Planning a New Year's Eve party, or a holiday party at your home or office in Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC? Make your holidays stress-free this year with Saint Germain Catering for a party the will never forget. Our professional team will ensure your guests look forward to celebrating the season with you! No matter the size of your group, our sales team will take the stress out of holiday planning, and our culinary team will provide a memorable feast.

Wedding Caterer


Weddings are some of our favorite events at Saint Germain Catering. Our seasoned team of wedding planners, caterers, and chefs ensure that all details are covered so that you can enjoy your special day. Whether your wedding necessitates a formal sit-down dinner or a casual buffet, we promise that you will savor your nuptials.

Caterers Company


When you place a catering order with Saint Germain, don't forget to add amenities to help make coordinating your event more special. Whether you're planning a wedding, baby shower or birthday party, we aim to provide you with top-notch customer service. Take advantage of our delivery option — our prompt, professional personnel deliver food orders right to your home, office or event location, and delivery is available for your convenience. We'll even provide linens and decor to bring a celebratory touch to your special occasion. Contact us today at 703-506-9396.