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Graduation Party Planning Tips

Graduation parties are a great way to celebrate a recent graduate’s achievements with friends and family, but planning the celebration on your own can prove difficult. Depending on the size of your child’s graduating class, it’s likely that more than one person will be having their graduation party on the same day, causing lots of traffic to and from your home, which can dictate the type of party you’ll want to have to keep guests comfortable and entertained.

Follow these tips for graduation planning and you’ll be sure to give your son or daughter another memorable senior year memory:

Aim for a casual get-together—Consider getting together with other parents and organizing a joint graduation party. This will save people the trouble of traveling to more than one party and also save you money! By splitting the cost three or four ways, you might actually end up reducing expenses, and can often go bigger when it comes to food and/or entertainment choice. If the party is being held outdoors, consider renting a tent. The weather isn’t always going to cooperate, and large party tents are perfect for keeping your guests dry rather than going through the hassle of rescheduling. Even if you end up with a beautiful day, a tent is the perfect supplier of shade to help you cool off and relax with friends.

When it comes to serving food, a buffet setup is usually the best way to feed a large group of people. Work with your catering service to make sure you have a wide variety of foods suitable to your guests. Appetizer foods, such as salad and finger sandwiches are easy to eat on the run and not too filling so guests can keep coming back for more, or fill up on their way to another party. Browse through some of our graduation day menu ideas to get an idea of what Saint Germain Catering can provide, or to gather inspiration for a do-it-yourself party.

Be sure you’re fully stocked up on supplies like utensils, cups and plates. An open-house party creates the kind of atmosphere where guests may put down a plate or cup they were using and forget to pick it up when they want a refill. Make sure your caterer has plenty of extra cups, plates, napkins etc. for all of your guests and then some.

Add a little character to the festivities. Displaying school colors or incorporating the school mascot into the event design is a popular graduation party trend. If your graduate is heading off to college, why not tailor the catering menu to their school of choice? For example if they are going to the University of Maryland, perhaps an Eastern Shore themed menu with  Crab cakes! With a little imagination, your graduation party can be unique and memorable.

 Interested in hearing more of our graduation party ideas? Contact us to discuss with our staff. We would love to help you celebrate this significant stepping stone in your child’s life.

Some Sweet Party Ideas for Sweet 16


High school isn’t easy, especially for girls. But every girl gets her day in the spotlight, and when it happens you want it to be perfect. A Sweet 16 party is a great way to celebrate that important moment in every young woman’s life, but it needs to be fun too! There’s no reason for a Sweet 16 party to be one more overnight like every other. A good theme, a little creativity and the right catering can make it a truly memorable experience. Here are six of our best party ideas.


1. Top 40 Party. Everyone loves music, so why not build that into the theme itself? With the Top 40 Party every guest is invited to dress as her favorite pop star. At the party, the girls can choose songs to make their own mix CD, or set up a karaoke machine to really get the party started. Club lights and non-alcoholic champagne are the perfect finishing touches.

2. Alice in Wonderland. Tea parties are a little lame, but a Mad Hatter tea party is something different. Ask your caterers to base finger food, cookies and muffins on the film and set an oversize table with all manner of strangely mismatched cups. Of course, make sure everyone switches chairs as the tea party goes on!

3. Steampunk Ball. What’s cooler than steam-powered Victorian fantasy? Not much. Guests will have a blast designing their costumes for this, so be sure to make the venue worthy of them when they arrive. Goth it out a little bit with dark décor and use a dry ice smoke machine to put real “steam” in the room. What to serve? Try brightly colored juices in lab beakers or test tubes.

4. Hollywood. Make it a movie star party! Each guest can come dressed as her favorite star, and you can have an actual red carpet leading into the doorway. Decorate the party space with stars and movie posters, and have a projector looping a favorite movie on the wall.

5. Cleopatra. Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome offer fertile ground for costumes—and food ideas. The girls will have a blast reclining in their togas and getting pampered Cleopatra style. Maybe with a full mani/pedi from a hired manicurist?

6. Retro Party. Choose a decade of the past and theme your entire party around it. What was a Sweet 16 party like in the 1960s? The walls can be decked in flower power and the girls can show up rocking their very best hippie looks. Or fast forward a little to the era of big hair and bangles with a 1980s party. The 80s were also the decade of the most famous teen movies, and you can have them playing in one room while a DJ rocks vintage beats in another.

These are just a few ways to make a Sweet 16 party unique and special. The theme is a good start, but you’ll also need to have the perfect food to bring it all together. Saint Germain Catering specializes in Sweet 16 catering and would love to brainstorm ideas to match your theme, no matter how out there it is! If you’re in the Northern VA or Washington, DC areas, give Saint Germain a call and see what we can do for you.

Corporate Catering In The DC Metro Area


The world of corporate catering is unique from the demands of social catering and event catering.  Whether you are dealing with a client with individual lunch meetings a training seminar with 200, the quality of the food matters a great deal to both personal image and company morale. Saint Germain Catering has built is target focus on corporate catering for the past 15 years and serves clients throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia area.   Corporate catering that offers higher quality meal options for clients and employees can be not only impressive, but motivating on a level that few other skills can match. Mastering the art of corporate catering in itself can be challenging so there is a huge importanced placed upon finding an experienced caterer.  By working with Saint Germain Catering, we can help you create the perfect meal that will wow your co-workers, clients or employees.

With socialcatering, the idea is to keep everyone fed with the foods and meals that they love and enjoye at home or when dining out. The same can be said of  corporate catering, but there are added things  to consider. What if you’re catering for a breakfast before a big presentation? Will it be a working lunch?  These catering options stand out as being extremely important in menu planning, as they can not only affect the performance of those who actually eat the food, but the general mood of the event.

Corporate catering still offers many options just as social catering. Active chef stations like Waffle Bars, Sundae Stations or Pasta Bars are all popular themes that can come into mind. Whether you are seting up a  hot and cold buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner.   The first is that they can create a contrast of flavors and textures as well as meeting dietary needs. The second is that they can serve two different types of guests; those who prefer cold foods like salads and sandwiches, and those who are interested in prepared meals such as warm Chicken Picatta. Some guests, for example, may forgo a rich desert in favor of fresh fruit. In corporate environments, where one needs to be quick on his or her toes, options like these can make all of the difference. Be sure to include lots of variety for all the meeting attendees and guests.


Corporate catering can also be said for the types of meals being provided on a daily basis to a company. Does your firm have a daily tray of bagels or muffins that goes out each day? Whether you’re having new hire orientation or  a holiday celebration, nothing tells your staff that you care more about them than a high quality, catered meal. Catering can be great for staff appreciation days, holidays, office celebrations, special parties, or even just suprise  lunch. They can help your employees to save a little on their usual lunch bill. Catering meals in house to your staff also gives your employees the opportunity to mingle amongst one another. This can create an atmosphere where brainstorming can take place , new contacts can be made, and a greater appreciation for the company can be formed.

Just like social catering, presentation matters as well. If your catering service offers special presentation options, consider them.  Offer clients the option of china or ceramics over disposables.  Have a client that supports green  initiatives, offer then compostable cutlery to help support their company wide beliefs.

Saint Germain Catering – A Perfect Balance of Corporate and Social Catering

When most people think of  Saint Germain Catering,  they think of the great service, our attention to detail, or our delicious food  with lots of flavor. Around the catering industry, Saint Germain’s has been known for our competitive pricing and personable Owner, Mina Ebrahimi and her staff. But we also have taken on the goal of being one of the DC Metro Area’s Premier Wedding Caterers. And although we are not complaining about such a great honor (Confirmed Wedding Wire as a 2013 Pick!) and reputation, we feel it’s important to show  how much more there is to us than just weddings and events!

Corporate & Office Catering

What do you think we do all week? Wait for the weekend to show up so we can spoil another bride or throw a huge party?  Our weeks are full of Hot and Cold meals speeding out the back door as our kitchen is buzzing with the sound of chopping knives, whisking sauces and much more. The chefs at Saint Germain Catering are constantly on the go as they accept another pop up order or last minute lunch from the a client down the street, but hey it’s what we love to do. It’s what we live for. It’s the world of  corporate catering.

Boxed Lunches

Browsing our website and social media venues (follow us on Facebook or Twitter) you might get a certain vibe. Our elegant appetizers on petite ceramic spoons are a delicious treat, but maybe not the best option for feeding the office on a Monday afternoon. So, we have put together a great Boxed Lunch option for all of our Corporate Clients to choose from. Easy to eat and mess free.  Say you host a monthly meeting or a weekly training class on a small budget. Then checking out our Boxed Sandwiches complete with a bag of chips, side salad and fruit, would be a great idea. Worried the boxed sandwiches may not match your guests standard or hunger? No problem! We also offer great Boxed Salads and Executive Sandwich options as well. You can choose from a nice Chicken Croissant Sandwich or Asian Chicken Salad for the more health conscious members in your meeting. Or you can offer a hearty Philly Steak and Cheese or Around the World Sliders for the hungry men.


Hot Lunches

Often there are times when a salad or sandwich simply won’t do it.   Are you in charge to plan the annual Office Holiday party at a local venue or the office? One of our sales associates can help you plan from  our Corporate Menu,  as well as options to rent Tables, Linens, Chair, Utensils, Glassware, etc…  From there you can choose from our tasty Italian, Asian, or Grilled American menu selections. A diverse guest list also includes a variety of dietary  restrictions and allergies that all planners need to be aware of. So over the years we have compiled a great menu of select Vegetarian options, Gluten Free choices, and Vegan options.   What ever it is that you need, we can help you – just ask!


So why force the office to order another greasy Pizza or stale Taco during the week? Pick up the phone and Saint Germain Catering a call.

New from Saint Germain Catering: Cupcake Decorating Party Packages!

Fresh from the kitchens of Saint Germain Catering: Cupcake parties! We love cupcakes, so we’re going to share our love and knowledge of cake decorating through our new cupcake party packages. A Saint Germain cupcake party features all of the needed supplies to decorate cupcakes, as well as professional instruction by one of the company’s talented cupcake chefs. The result? Delicious cupcakes and a lesson in the basics of cake decorating.

This new offering is a great way to provide your children with an enriching experience, and is great as an addition to a birthday party or as a stand-alone event. We are offering several different options, so whatever your goal and budget, we can plan memorable cupcake party for your children. Details about each package, including pricing, are available here.

The basic cupcake party includes six cupcakes for each participant, allowing them an opportunity to practice their cake decorating skills under the supervision of a professional cupcake chef. A pastry box is provided for each participant to take their creations home if they so choose, and all of the standard fixtures of cake decorating, from icing and icing bags, to various toppings, to aprons, are provided by us.

For those celebrating a birthday, we’re also offering a “Deluxe” package that includes a birthday cake and ice cream social. Various add-ons are also available, such as fondant for fancier cupcakes, party decorations, and other food options to make a fully catered event. Slightly older children and teenagers who have competitive streaks can have a fun with our competition package, with judges evaluating the cupcakes made and decorated by two teams, styled after Food Network’s hit show “Cupcake Wars.”

While the cupcake party was originally developed to appeal to children between 5 and 10, teenagers and the young-at-heart are also welcome to join in on the fun. Our competition package even makes a great corporate team-building opportunity. Who makes better cupcakes? Your sales team or your customer support team? There’s only one way to find out, and who doesn’t enjoy a little friendly competition from time to time? Call us today to get started.

Saint Germain Catering Offers Fresh Quality and the Best Customer Service


Saint Germain Catering is a full service catering and event planning Company located in Northern Virginia and services the entire Washington DC Metro area. Our around the clock staff is there to service you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of our staff have been with us for over 10 years and combined we have hundreds of years of experience behind us. Our office opens daily at 3 am to ensure that our food is prepared on time using the freshest ingredients and that it is out the door on time to you.

We combine personalized service and beautiful ambience with exquisitely prepared meals. We offer a variety of menu ideas and gourmet specialties for your event, from simple to elegant. Our main goal as a full-service catering company is to work with our clients to ensure that their events and catered meals run smoothly. You can count on us to make your event or your day-to-day catering needs a success.

We prepare our dishes from the freshest ingredients and assemble them as close to serving as possible to retain the  flavors of each dish. We value your input … your personal taste … we will even make your favorite recipe. We feel the menu should be a reflection of you. We hope to serve you and help make your special celebration a most wonderful and memorable event. Our careful attention to every detail enables you to enjoy being a guest at your own celebration! From Corporate Breakfasts, Coffee Breaks, Luncheons, Holiday Parties and Meetings to Social Events, such as Weddings, Birthdays, and more… let us cater to your every need!

Fun Facts about us:

  • Founded in 1998
  • Women Owned and Operated
  • Focuses on Corporate and Social Events
  • Services MD, VA and DC
  • Full service options including staffing, linens, china, rentals
  • Monthly Catering Specials


Unique Desserts & Candy Stations For Your Wedding Reception


If you’ve been to a Wedding lately you may have noticed that instead of a cake, there was a whole table dedicated to several desserts and a variety of candy. Sweets, Treats and Candy displays are expanding trend.  A dessert display can be  filled with trays of desserts and ornate glass jars full of candy that coordinates with the colors of your event or Wedding. Desserts can include cake pops, cheesecake lollipops, miniature pies, french macaroons, cookies & milk shooters.

The options for making these displays unique to your Wedding are endless. Not everyone loves cake, so why not try a dessert display full of cookies or pies? You can make your display unique by adding custom candy tags, a table linen that matches your wedding colors, or include your favorite childhood candy such as Smarties, Lemonheads and Snowcaps. A dessert display  can also double as a favor for your guests to take home. Provide candy scoops and treat bags that can be use and they are a perfect way to get your guests involved.

Presenting your treats in a fun and unique way will make your guests feel like a kid in a candy store. Ask your wedding coordinator at Saint Germain Catering for ideas on how to display desserts for your next Wedding or event.  it will leave a lasting impression and have your guests talking.

Quick Tips for a Perfect Picnic

Got a Posh Picnic Planned?

It’s summertime, the season of graduations, weddings, family reunions, picnics in the park, and backyard barbeques!

Speaking of BBQs, the smell of grilled food, a plate full of fresh fruit and colorful casseroles, the sound of laughter and great music in the background, and a bug-bite-free setting can make even the most antisocial people come together and smile each summer.

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Launching the New SGC Blog!

We’re thrilled to be launching the new Saint Germain Catering blog to give our talented staffers a place to share recipes, menu recommendations, event planning tips, and general information about what’s happening around the company.

So if you’re planning a summer cookout, looking for catering ideas, or just wanting to learn more about the people who make Saint Germain Catering sing each day, this is your place to learn and connect with us!

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